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Divis Mortis

I mostly like Divis Mortis. It is fun, which is partially due to the pleasing sensation that the puzzles are grounded in the physics of the world model, which is something that should always happen in IF but too often doesn't.
-Ben Dixon

The narration here is, on the whole, pretty well done.

[T]his being a particularly well written piece of interactive fiction (a text adventure, if you prefer) it actually manages to feel realistic and tense.

[I]t is over all a solid and fun game: fun if you like lite, light-hearted horror with a bit of grisle.

After playing through some old text adventures, I decided I'd try my hand at making my own. Using nothing but the documentation guide, I taught myself how to program using Inform 7, and I was determined to do an amazing job. Making a full and finished game was daunting, but I was determined to not just release a game, but to make sure it was highly polished and up to quality. I worked with testers, and pushed myself hard to adhere to that standard.

I ended up getting 11th place out of 26, which was decidedly not bad. I'm proud of that placement, for a first attempt, and for a year when I'm told that the competition quality was especially high.

There did end up being several problems with the game, which is frustrating for me looking back, but most of them were issues with tone or writing or pacing that could have been ironed out with more work and more design experience. The game itself was relatively bug-free, came with a good walkthrough, and contained a good amount of content.


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