Made Real Stories

Tenth Plague

Tenth Plague deserves some sort of award for the game I tried most often to quit or lose intentionally this competition[...] Overall, an interesting concept cleanly executed.
-Emily Short

This is a game with a definite point to make, and it's well done, with a commentary mode that's worth unlocking.
-Matt Weiner

[T]his is a horror story, with you as the monster. This isn't a devout game, but neither is it mockingly irreverent. It's a work that dares to take scripture at its word without making excuses for it. It's pretty short, but[...] thorough in its implementation."
-Carl Muckenhoupt

This is terrible! This is a terrible game! I am terrible for playing it!
-Jenni Polodna

I was particularly inspired thinking of how often negative events would be presented as uplifting and positive, and felt like it blamed the victim. Writing this game helped me churn through frustration around those themes.

I ended up getting 12th place out of 38, which was not bad, but I definitely feel like I could have brought something stronger to the competition. The game could have been more polished, but I also think it was too emotionally damaging to be fun or empowering.

Looking back, I'm glad that I wrote it, that I got it out of my system, but I don't think I'd like to make another game like this one ever again. It was a pretty trying experience.


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